Citibank, a provider of financial services, has announced that it is offering competitive rates on its savings products offered in the US.

Now, customers can earn more money in less time when they open a Citibank six-month Certificate of Deposit, the bank said. Citibank is also offering a higher rate for new customers of its Citibank Rate Accelerator Money Market Account when they perform qualifying checking transactions, such as direct deposit, debit card purchases or bill payments.

According to the bank, its six-month Certificate of Deposit currently offers 4% annual percentage yield on a 3.92% interest rate and does not require personal checking account. Citibank Banking Card can be used to access account information online, by phone and at ATMs.

Citibank said that benefits of the Citibank Rate Accelerator Money Market Account currently include: up to 3.75% annual percentage yield on a minimum balance of $25,000 or more; access via Citibank Online, CitiPhone Banking, CitiMobile, Financial Centers or ATMs; and a facility to schedule a recurring transfer between checking and savings accounts at no cost.