China Merchants Bank (CMB) has selected US-based Ali Solutions' OnQ platform to automate and centralize collections campaign and strategy management while ensuring call rule compliance.

CMB will use OnQ in its collections operation to automate and centralize campaign and strategy management while improving the performance of their outbound contact strategies.

With OnQ, CMB can better utilize its collection resources, maintain low delinquency rate and be more profitable in their credit card operations, clams Ali Solutions.

Michael Wei, chief risk officer for CMB credit card center, said: “OnQ takes the productivity enhancing qualities of CMB’s auto-dialers to a much higher level and it lets us truly manage our outbound customer assistance staff on a real-time basis.

“We will use it to better coordinate our calling strategies across multiple sites for centralized control and to more effective implementations in times of contingency. During special circumstances such as disasters or other emergencies, we can immediately, for example, suspend our calls and later, when the emergency has passed, offer affected customers special repayment arrangements.”