Fortune Software, a wholly own subsidiary of China Finance Online, has entered into definitive agreement with China Financial Futures Exchange (CFFEX) to provide real-time coverage on China's newly introduced stock index futures.

Pursuant to the agreement, China Financial Futures Exchange will authorize Fortune Software to provide all the data including market information, trading data and other information or data related to stock index futures products to end users in mainland China.

In February 2010, the State Council of China approved the introduction of stock index futures to enhance the foundation of China’s capital market, increase the trading mechanism of securities, complete the market function, stabilize the market operation and promote the healthy development of the capital market.

Established by the State Council in September 2006, China Financial Futures Exchange has been in charge of product design, rules establishment and all aspects of technical preparations as well as investor education.

Zhiwei Zhao, CEO of China Finance Online, said: “With Chinese stock exchanges’ advancement toward a more sophisticated member of global capital markets, we see the stock index futures can propel more liquidity into Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, two of world’s most liquid stock exchanges.

“We also applaud government’s prudent development on the stock market and careful selection of qualified financial information provider to be the creditable interface with over 170 million investment trading accounts in China. This important strategic partnership represented another key milestone as China Finance Online strives to become the ‘one-stop’ source of all financial and investment information, data and analytics for our current 14 million registered user base.”

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