Chase, a unit of US consumer and commercial banking business of JPMorgan Chase & Co has launched a new reloadable card Chase Liquid, which provides customers with financial control and flexibility.

The card business unit of JPMorgan Chase said that the new affordable and convenient card is available at all of Chase’s 5,500 branches across the US.

JPMorgan Chase consumer banking CEO Ryan McInerney said that the consumers are looking for an affordable and predictable way to manage their money.

"Chase Liquid is a low-cost alternative to traditional checking accounts and its convenience and pricing transparency sets a new standard for prepaid products," McInerney said.

The card can be refilled with cash or checks at Chase’s 10,500 DepositFriendly ATMs and branches in the US, and users can withdraw cash at Chase’s 17,500 ATMs and branches nationwide.

The firm said that the consumers can get their reloadable card with initial deposit of $25, while it has no overdraft fees and no minimum balances required to maintain the account.

"Customers can use Chase Liquid to make everyday purchases, pay bills and more, without any surprise charges," McInerney added.