Ceelox, a developer of biometric security and encryption software solutions, has introduced a new suite of security products to address issues regarding protection of banking information with Ceelox Financial Services: Identity Access Authentication and Data Security Suite.

Ceelox ID, Ceelox Vault, Ceelox SecureMail, and Ceelox ID Online protect a financial institution’s sensitive data against theft, loss and misuse.

The Ceelox Security Suite ensures that only a financial institution’s authorized employees have access to its banking systems, to customers’ valid banking credentials, and Personally Identifiable Information (PII). It also reduces the risks inherent in password access and the cost of password administration and support thus eliminating the losses resulting from unauthorized electronic fund transfers (EFTs), such as automated clearing house (ACH) and wire transfers.

According to the FDIC alert issued last year, web-based commercial EFT origination applications are being targeted by malicious software, including Trojan horse programs, key loggers and other spoofing techniques. Ceelox’ patent pending method for online biometric customer authentication virtually eliminates all the fraudulent techniques identified in the FDIC alert. With Ceelox ID Online, banking customers’ valid online banking credentials are safe from hackers.

The security suite encrypts data, whether at rest on the desktop, or in transit on the laptop, or a portable memory device, would be secured with the file and folder level, biometric identity-based, encryption. The suite provides desktop-to-desktop, encryption compliant with inter agency guidelines for in transit customer data. With an Outlook plug-in and biometric authentication, email encryption becomes simple as the swipe of finger or the click of mouse.

The benefits of the tools include: provides real-time authentication tools available; provides audit trails to support monitoring and regulatory compliance documentation; integrates with Windows Active Directory while supporting AD credentialing privileges and cost effective products and easier to implement.

Ceelox ID biometric authentication soft-ware provides the real-time authentication tool and it reduce or eliminate fraud from compromised customer credentials. It can be deployed wherever it is necessary to meet two-factor authentication regulatory requirements. Alternatively, eliminate passwords altogether and at the same time eliminate the overhead related to password policy and administration and eliminate the 40% of help desk calls for user name and password resets.

Ceelox SecureMail, an email encryption tool that insures data security from desktop-to-desktop and eliminates email exposure inherent in electronic communications. Email and attachments are encrypted directly on the sender’s computer and decrypted on the recipient’s computer. No more PII floating around on the email server or the desktop. It also offers the added security of exclusive biometric digital signature. In addition, a decrypt-only version of the tool is also is available.

Ceelox Vault, a secure data storage solution for a financial institution’s data at rest or in transit. It combines the encryption available with added fingerprint biometric security.

Ceelox ID Online, a software portal that integrates into a financial institution’s systems. It provides an additional layer of security that sits on top of a financial institution’s existing security. Our single or two-factor authentication enhances the security of online banking, wire transfer and ACH applications. Any application accessible with user name and password benefits from the addition of strong biometric security.

Ceelox is a subsidiary of Nicaragua Rising, a developer of biometric security and encryption software solutions for financial institutions, healthcare companies, utilities, government agencies and other organizations for whom information access are key concerns.