CashFlow Insights has released Automated Cash Flow Advisor Service, a new service designed to reduce loan losses in the small to mid-size business market by up to 20% while reducing the cost of servicing these companies.

According to the company, the Automated Cash Flow Advisor Service will provide banks real time cash flow information on their commercial customers, the source of loan repayment.

A core feature of the Automated Cash Flow Advisor Service is the use of “push” technology so relationship mangers don’t have to spend time reading reports. They will receive an email notice of significant changes in customer cash flow patterns that includes a hyperlink to the detailed cash flow and loan information. This will allow relationship managers to understand their client’s situation in seconds, so they can react quickly to client needs and not spend time developing basic information.

The service can also update existing bank CRM and other productivity systems so relationship managers and others don’t have to learn new tools.

Robert Merkle, CEO of CashFlow Insights, said: “Real time cash flow monitoring is a paradigm shifting approach to managing credit risk. For the first time banks can constantly monitor all of their commercial customers at a cost that is proportionate to the size of the loan, which will improve the profitability of small and mid size business lending significantly.”