Cash N Go has purchased Insight business transaction management software from Inetco Systems to enable continuous up-time and reliability of its ATM network.

Cash N Go currently operates a nation-wide ATM Network made up of over 1,100 ATMs across Canada. An authorized Triton and Nautilus Hyosung distributor, it provides cash machines and transaction processing services to casinos, shopping malls, hotels, nightclubs, grocery chains, professional sports events and financial institutions.

Inetco Insight is a light-weight business transaction management software solution that provides the complete capture of every payment transaction, without involving large amounts of computing or staff resources. The software also provides the alerting, inquiry and reporting tools needed to monitor and analyze the performance of ATM, POS and other EFT payment channels across dial-up, IP and wireless network environments.

Inetco Insight has helped Cash N Go improve customer service reliability and the operational efficiency of their business by: improving dial-up ATM up-time and customer service compliance; reducing average mean time to repair and in-bound call rates; improving the identification and prioritization process for trouble tickets related to payment transaction slowdowns, potential fraud

anomalies, and failures; reducing the reliance on field tech reports and customer complaints to determine when service disruptions were occurring; and matching ATM connection time data to monthly telecom billing statements to verify billing accuracy.

Angie Mercier, CFO for Cash N Go, said: Investing in leading-edge transaction monitoring technology such as Inetco Insight plays a big role in our ability to decrease transaction failure rates and respond to the needs of our customers in a timely manner. Our IT and line of business teams now have the ability to quickly navigate large volumes of payment transaction data, proactively identify where a problem lies, and achieve full consensus on whose job it is to fix it.