Capital Bank of Jordan has signed an agreement with Intracom IT Services Middle East and Africa for an automated testing tool to automate the testing activities of its core banking applications using the Validata testing tool and release management.

The Validata tool will enable Capital Bank to further enhance its operations by utilizing advanced core banking applications and undergoing a meticulous testing phase. The Validata tool will also offer solutions that correspond with industry requirements.

Intracom has claimed that Validata testing solution for banks and financial enterprises will help in streamlining the testing processes and eliminating the risk and uncertainty involved in ad-hoc testing.

In addition Intracom will use the Validata solution to ensure better precision, shorter testing time and reliability of all test assets created.

Intracom will then use Validata to develop a release management tool, and if done well provides the ability to manage and organize application updates and ensure that it aligns with business operations and their objectives.

Intracom CEO Tareq Abu Sharar said that the firm is working intensively and collaboratively with its international partners to cover the overall needs of clients in Jordan and the MEA region.

“With Intracom and Validata, banks can avoid potentially serious risks and reduce the significant costs associated with testing their core banking applications in the implementation process,” Abu Sharar said.

“Therefore, Intracom will be working with Capital Bank on loading the bank’s test cases into the solution that will automate case execution, defect/change management, progress reporting, and release management to ensure the full integration of its core banking applications.”

Capital Bank general manager Haytham Kamhiyah said that this step stems from efforts towards enhancing day-to-day operational efficiency, and corresponds with ongoing interest in consistently developing capabilities in order to continue to provide superior and competitive banking services that meet clients’ expectations and that enable to maintain advanced standing in the Jordanian banking market.”