Jordan-based Capital Bank has signed an E-remittance services agreement with Qatar-based Doha Bank regarding remittance transactions made by expatriates in Qatar.

The agreement is part of Capital Bank’s goals to expand its electronic banking and investment services to cater for its customers both inside and outside the Kingdom, and in line with its strategies geared towards providing swift, secure and easy processes to cater to its customers.

By virtue of this agreement, Capital Bank becomes the sole Jordanian bank to link Doha Bank with all other Jordanian banks within the Kingdom. This will occur by diverting remittances from Qatar to all Jordanian banks via Capital Bank, as per customer instructions.

Haytham Kamhiyah, general manager of Capital Bank, said: “This agreement reflects our dedication to placing our customers at the top of our priorities. Expatriates working in Qatar can now send remittances with great ease, which facilitates their transactions and saves them both time and effort.

“This mutual cooperation between Capital Bank and Doha Bank serves as a starting point that will enable us to extend our reach to our customers across the entire Gulf. Similar agreements with other banks in the Gulf are under preparation, which confirms our ongoing efforts towards maintaining our position as the first banking choice in the local market.”

Rahfan Seetharaman, CEO of Doha Bank has said that this cooperation will pave the way for Doha Bank to offer its services in the Jordanian banking market.