Cairo Amman Bank, a Jordan-based bank, has completed its business continuity plan (BCP) and remote data recovery site (Technology Disaster Recovery Center), to secure uninterrupted workflow in case of sudden emergencies like fires, snowstorms, natural disasters and other unpredictable and uncontrollable incidents.

According to this plan and in case of any emergencies, employees of the bank’s headquarters can resume their work at the business continuity site located in Abu Nseir. The site houses a remote backup of all the information needed for employees to resume their workflow with ease.

The bank has also created a remote data recovery site known as the Technology Disaster Recovery Center, located at Yarmouk University in Irbid, allowing the bank’s employees access to the bank’s database in case of emergency affecting impede the workflow at the bank’s main branch.

Moreover, through this plan, the bank’s clients will be able to access all branches, departments, electronic channels, ATM machines and credit cards associated with or issued by Cairo Amman Bank, in addition to the bank’s electronic banking services.