CAHP Credit Union has deployed Document Exchange, a browser- and device-agnostic system, to carry out verification, with an aim to sign and maintain document integrity validation to generate legally enforceable eSignature records.

The cloud-based document delivery system is expected to enable CAHP gain work efficiencies, cost savings and user convenience, while thwarting any potential tampering with the content throughout the process.

Document Exchange has been developed and designed using Adobe EchoSign to offer financial institutions a hosted experience for web contracting and electronic signature services, the service provider said.

The technology eliminates the use of scanning software, signature pads and digital certificates typically required for electronic signing events.

CAHP Credit Union president and CEO Brad Houle said, "IMM’s Document Exchange is transforming the way our credit union operates.

"In the short time since implementation, our employees have already seen new efficiencies and been able to waive many daily expenses."

IMM develops and delivers technology systems which enable financial institutions to electronically streamline their business operations and processing environments.

The firm provides eSignature capture, business process (workflow) automation, and document presentment, to a number of financial instructions.