Burgan Bank, a subsidiary of Kuwait Investment Projects Company (KIPCO), is upgrading its online banking portal BurganOnline.

Burgan Bank said that the some of the key changes will include separate login screens for individuals and corporate users, new screens for capturing answers to 5 security questions that will be known only to the users, and an introduction of a ‘Site Key -Picture & Phrase’ will be required before the attempt to login to Burgan online site.

Burgan Bank chief retail banking officer-GM Muneerah Al Mukhaizeem said that the bank is upgrading the BurganOnline system to offer customers a more secured and content rich platform to do their online banking activities.

"The additional features will ensure maximum security to the online banking user. And for even greater
protection for clients the password characteristics will be enhanced to offer a more protective password" Al Mukhaizeem said.