BTIG, an institutional brokerage and fund services company, has opened its next generation trading floor in New York.

BTIG’s new trading desk is the latest step in the firm’s global expansion. With trading desks in five countries, and sales coverage in 14 cities, BTIG said it clients have both global access and local high touch coverage in the markets and regions in which they base their operations.

Phase one of BTIG’s New York renovation is now complete with the opening of its new, trading floor on the 6th floor of 825 Third Avenue. The new trading floor has been expanded by more than 60% from prior capacity, said the company.

Phase two, scheduled for completion in early 2011, is an extensive project to fully renovate and reconfigure the 7th floor at 825 Third Avenue for continued growth in the firm’s Prime Brokerage, Corporate Access, Capital Introduction and Business Development divisions.

BTIG co-founder Scott Kovalik said the company continues to invest in people, technology and services. The newly completed New York trading floor is BTIG’s trading desk and works in unison with the firm’s regional trading desks around the country and its international affiliates around the world.b