Broadridge Financial Solutions has added post-execution transaction processing for FX forwards, non-deliverable forwards (NDFs) and forward rate agreements (FRAs) capabilities to its Gloss international transaction processing solution.

Gloss is a multi-currency trade processing and settlement platform with extensive functionality for equities, fixed income and warrants. It has always provided an FX capability, but now this has been enhanced and extended to specifically recognize and cater for FX forwards, NDFs and FRAs.

Broadridge Strategy and Product Management, and Securities Processing Solutions head Robin Kneale said this latest investment by Broadridge is part of the company’s response to the requirement to process many different asset classes on a single platform.

“We see demand for this functionality from our clients and prospects internationally, especially in Asia Pacific, and we are pleased to demonstrate the flexibility and configurability of the Gloss engine in this way to meet these requirements. Now we plan to go on to provide functionality for exchange-traded futures and options and CFDs,” Kneale said.