BNP Paribas Fortis has launched four competence centres in Brussels to offer a range of European and global banking services to internationally operating companies.

Particularly involved are Corporate and Transaction Banking Europe (CTBE), global cash management, trade services and global factoring.

CTBE services the BNP Paribas group’s large and midcap international clients. CTBE focuses particularly on helping its clients’ subsidiaries in the 16 countries where it has more than 30 business centres. However, the remainder of the 120 or so business centres are located in Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland and Turkey.

Cash management provides companies with liquidity management services, as corporates are looking for global and homogeneous solutions at European level, e.g. SEPA solutions, cash pooling, payment factories.

Trade services assists companies in their international trading activities, providing, for instance, international guarantees for commercial agreements between parties in different countries.

Global factoring provides domestic and multi-domestic factoring solutions throughout Europe, including financing, debt collection and accounts receivable management.

All the competence centres aim to help internationally operating companies both medium sized and large with their day-to-day banking activities. The company also plans to expand its services beyond its home markets of BNP Paribas, i.e. France, Italy, Luxembourg and Belgium to the remaining countries of Europe, as well as to offer more services for medium-sized companies that operate internationally.

BNP Paribas Fortis is the new name of Fortis Bank which joined BNP Paribas, a France-based financial group.