b-next has released MACOC:DOC, an application with the capability to demonstrate detailed reporting for FSA Arrow visits and complete management of all capital markets compliance processes.

b-next has partnered with arvato systems Technologies to develop the application MACOC:DOC.

b-next claims that its new solution will reduce manual work and simplify the reporting process. It compiles reports that present an overview of all processes in place from top-level down.

MACOC:DOC also delivers best practice features and manages detailed and complex processes, including the type of controls implemented and the parameters in place.

b-next CEO Wolfgang Fabisch said that there is huge value in implementing a system which has the capability to manage a broad and complex range of processes. Undocumented is not provable and therefore not manageable.

“The MACOC:DOC application means that our customers are able to have end-to-end control of their processes and instant access to a reporting requirement that could otherwise take months to collaborate and demonstrate,” Fabisch said.