Boeing Employees’Credit Union (BECU) has deployed NCR Corporation's latest enterprise software solution for self-service system management NCR APTRA Vision.

NCR APTRA Vision correlates data from different sources into one web interface. The web interface provides management with a single location to observe trending information that helps operators assess overall system performance., according to NCR.

NCR APTRA Vision platform will will provide BECU with a comprehensive view of their ATM network, by analyzing operational information, business performance and consumer experience.

The solution is expected to help BECU management make informed decisions and set strategic planning goals to increase service availability, enhance the customer experience and improve performance.

Shirley Taylor, virtual banking channel manager at BECU, said: “The ability for our ATM operations team to analyze data quickly and easily is essential to daily operations and ensures our members are always receiving the best member experience we can provide. Instead of scattered data, NCR APTRA Vision lets our ATM Operations team easily communicate information to management and our service partners in a comprehensive single report.

“We are looking forward to the next step in our program when we will provide a real-time dashboard of our ATM network to all staff. This will provide the ability to improve the member experience by always being able to direct members to the nearest ATM knowing it is fully operational and we are not sending them to a down ATM or one that is only partially functional and may not meet their immediate needs.”