BATS Exchange, a US-based securities exchange, plans to offer a new line of market data products on a subscription basis to members and marketing data recipients, releasing the BATS Last Sale Feed, in spring 2010, pending regulatory approval.

BATS Last Sale Feed will provide users with real-time, intraday trade information including price, volume and time, but excluding quote information, for orders executed on the BATS Exchange platform.

Joe Ratterman, CEO of BATS Global Markets and BATS Exchange, said: “We are excited to expand our market data services with the rollout of a new line of BATS Exchange data products to complement our core real-time data offerings, which will continue to be free of charge to members and market data recipients.

“We are launching a new line of supplemental data products in response to demand from members and market data recipients that wish for more insight into the BATS market.”

However, BATS Exchange will continue to offer multicast pitch, tcp pitch, fast pitch, top and drop data feeds to members and market data recipients at no charge.