Absa, the South African subsidiary of Barclays, has deployed Microgen's Interlink investment administration solution in its Multi Management division as an operational platform to effectively report on and utilize the relevant investment portfolios for its clients.

Microgen’s investment control and functionality are expected to support Absa’s focus on transparent and new services that reinforce risk management and good governance.

Microgen said that through fast tracked and easy product modeling Absa Multi Management will be able to quickly deploy investment strategies and automate the allocation of cash and unit transactions. This will allow its clients to capitalize on new investment opportunities.

Microgen, a provider of software solutions and consultancy services, added that its active management functionality automates tasks, minimizes any potential error caused by manual intervention and offers comprehensive compliance and performance reports.

Chris Myrtle, general manager of Microgen South Africa, said: “Absa’s adoption of Interlink provides it with the control, efficiency and reporting that it needs to drive forward continued success.”