UK banking behemoth Barclays has launched a pre-pay chip and PIN travel money card that can be used across the globe at cash machines and wherever Visa is accepted.

There are no charges when making purchases with the card. It is free to load with money from the equivalent of GBP100 to GBP2,500 and is available in British pounds, US dollars or euros.

Andrew Jones, Barclays current and savings account director, said: The Barclays travel card is the most convenient and safest way to carry foreign currency: it’s safer than cash and more flexible than travelers’ checks. Furthermore, it helps holidaymakers budget for the spending on their trip by not allowing them to spend more than the balance on the card. The added security features give card holders the peace of mind that their money is protected and with its Visa status it is accepted across the globe.

The card is personalized with the customer’s name, has a unique card number and signature and uses chip and PIN technology. The risk of fraud is minimized as the balance on the card cannot go into the red. However, cardholders are protected by Barclays’s fraud guarantee, so in the event of the cardholder becoming a victim of fraud, any lost funds will be refunded to them.

The balance of the card can be checked 24/7 by telephone or at ATMs and can be topped up in any Barclays branch with cash, debit or credit cards, or via the 24-hour telephone service with a debit or credit card.