Barclays Capital has launched a new Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) convertible securities index. This new index expands the geographic coverage of the company's convertibles index family and is expected to offers investors a total return benchmark for multi-currency EMEA convertibles portfolios.

Designed as a benchmark for active and passive portfolios, this rules-based index is broad in its coverage of the EMEA convertibles universe and consists of securities that are actively quoted by multiple market makers. In addition to a flagship index, an extensive suite of sub-indices by convertibles profile, sector classification, currency, country and credit quality are available, providing structural breakdowns of convertibles market performance, said the company.

Waqas Samad, head of index, portfolio and risk solutions for Barclays Capital, said: “Benchmark indices are an important tool in the portfolio management process, serving as both performance targets and informational measures of market returns and risk characteristics.

“Expanding the asset class coverage of our benchmark index platform allows us to serve a wider investor base seeking multi-asset index and portfolio analysis solutions.”