Barclays Capital has launched a new Emerging Markets (EM) Local Currency Government Bond Index family. This index family will offers investors a new total return benchmark for local currency EM portfolios or global portfolios that include both developed and emerging market government debt.

Barclays Capital said that EM Local Currency Government Index is a broad-based index that measures the total return of 20 different local currency government debt markets spanning Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

The flagship index is available as a market value-weighted benchmark, country capped/diversified index, or equal-weighted index. An even broader EM Local Currency Government Universal index, including local currency debt from China and India, is also available as part of this new family.

Waqas Samad, head of index, portfolio and risk solutions for Barclays Capital, said: “Barclays Capital now offers a complete emerging markets index family that measures both local and external EM debt markets in addition to its flagship Aggregate, Inflation-Linked and High-Yield index families. Global debt managers, many of whom are already using Barclays Capital benchmarks for their fixed income assets, will benefit directly from the unmatched depth, expertise, and client solutions offered by our benchmark index platform.”