Barclaycard has selected SoundBite Communications, a US-based provider of on-demand, multi-channel customer communications, to deliver proactive customer communications.

According to SoundBite, Barclaycard will use its multi-channel communications platform SoundBite Engage, in multiple European countries.

The SoundBite Engage platform includes new functionality to further support Barclaycard’s global communications strategies.

Sheila Monroe, director of global risk operations at Barclaycard, said: “We use SoundBite Engage across the US to communicate quickly and efficiently with our consumers. We’re extremely pleased with the results and, more importantly, the positive comments and feedback we’ve received from our customers.

“After successfully piloting the product in the UK we are now planning to deploy the solution across our European businesses and are looking forward to working with SoundBite to achieve our goals.”

SoundBite’s reseller partners working with clients in Europe and Africa include Telsolutions, a UK-based supplier of automated voice messaging services and strategies, and JV Communications, a France-based supplier of proactive customer communications.