Bank of Papua New Guinea (BPNG) has deployed Misys Opics Plus v3.0, Misys Opics Risk Plus and Misys Eagleye solutions to improve its operational efficiency and risk management capabilities.

Reportedly, the latest version of Misys Opics Plus will allow BPNG to process higher volumes of treasury instruments and provide clients with more products. The back office will utilise the system’s event-based workflow manager to confirm deal and payment information with counterparties and send automatically generated confirmations.

Misys said that its solutions will provide a risk management framework for the BPNG including performance and return attribution analysis, portfolio and currency compliance limits and policy controls. The integrated front-to-back system is expected to provide easier reconciliation and regulatory reporting.

Loi Martin Bakani, governor of Bank of Papua New Guinea, said: “We were keen to modernise our infrastructure in order to gain greater transparency, operational efficiency and risk management across our reserves management operations.”