Bank of Internet (BofI) Holding, parent of Bank of Internet USA, has appointed Tom Constantine as executive vice president, chief credit officer and chief regulatory affairs Officer and Adriaan van Zyl as EVP and COO for the bank.

Constantine will replace former chief credit officer Gary Evans who left the bank to become CEO of Palm Desert National Bank.

Prior to joining the bank, Constantine was a senior examiner with the Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS), serving his second stint with the agency. He first joined the OTS in 1989, during the Savings and Loan Crisis, and has over 23 years of experience in the banking and financial services industries.

Van Zyl started his career in 1982 at Barclays Bank as part of its executive development program. His subsequent experience includes serving as chief credit officer, CFO, president and CEO for various banks and divisions. Most recently, he was president and CEO respectively at two industrial banks.

BofI Holding president and CEO Greg Garrabrants said the bank has always focused on creating a conservative credit culture and Constantine will continue to carry that culture forward as the bank aggressively expand.

“Mr van Zyl will be focused on continuing to improve the bank’s operations so we can maintain our high level of efficiency as we grow,” Garrabrants said.