Bank of Brazil has selected UK-based Autonomy's meaning based computing platform, IDOL, as part of a strategic initiative to provide employees with faster access to the company's data sources.

Autonomy claims that its Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL), which indexes multiple sources of data distributed throughout the bank’s global locations, increases productivity and improves customer service by accelerating internal processes.

Autonomy IDOL performs conceptual and contextual analysis and probability matching on information to find the meaning within and the inter-relationships between disparate pieces of content. This approach allows employees to find and access the most pertinent content, irrespective of languages, operating systems, and file types.

By supporting more than 1,000 different data formats, including structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, across 400 different content repositories, Autonomy can search all categories of information in an organization. IDOL is fault-tolerant using load balancing and has sub-second performance on billions of files.

Mike Lynch, CEO of Autonomy, said: “Bank of Brazil is a fast-growing and highly regarded financial institution. They understand the difference innovative and superior technology makes when supporting such a large and complex organization as theirs, with hundreds of thousands of employees and millions of clients.

“The Bank of Brazil is a perfect example of the power of meaning based computing at work, where IDOL’s scale, speed, and unique understanding of all forms of data enable the bank to operate efficiently and continue to deliver superior customer service.”