Bank of America has announced the re-launch of the BankAmericard, which has been well received by consumers in the past.

Today’s BankAmericard Rewards Visa card builds on that heritage of innovation, offering rich and flexible reward programs with no annual fee.

With the BankAmericard Rewards Visa card, Bank of America customers with a non-card account will enjoy 50% more points on every purchase. The every dollar Bank of America customers spend on purchases using their BankAmericard Rewards card will earn 1.25 reward points, plus an annual rewards bonus of 25% for maintaining their banking relationship.

The BankAmericard rewards program does not put a cap on earning bonus points. Unlike other reward products that put a spending limit on points, customers can earn points each month on every purchase, in every category. The BankAmericard rewards card offers free access to MyConcierge service. It will also offer more flexible reward options than any other rewards card.

Bruce Hammonds, president of card services at the Bank of America, said: Our size and scale continue to enable us to create breakthrough products for our customers. We enjoy a relationship with one out of every two households in the US, so today, with products like the BankAmericard Rewards card, we can offer unprecedented benefits to more consumers in the country than any other financial institution.