Bank of America has named Gregory Garcia, formerly assistant secretary for the office of Cybersecurity and Communications (CS&C) in the department of homeland security, as partnership executive for cybersecurity and identity management. Based at Washington DC, Mr Garcia will report to Christopher Higgins, enterprise information management executive.

Mr Garcia will lead Bank of America’s relationships with public and private partners in cybersecurity and identity management, and will contribute to the bank’s strategies in those areas.

Mr Garcia was most recently president of Garcia Strategies, a strategic business and government affairs consulting firm.

From 2006 to 2008, he served as the first presidentially-appointed assistant secretary for CS&C in the Department of Homeland Security. CS&C supports government efforts to enhance cyber and network security and to align national communications security strategy with changing risks. He led CS&C’s strategic direction and oversaw the National Cyber Security Division, the Office of Emergency Communications, and the National Communications System.

Marc Gordon, chief technology officer at Bank of America, said: “Mr Garcia’s new role emphasizes the bank’s commitment to a leading role in public and private partnerships. Cybersecurity and identity management have become global issues that require us to work with private and public partners across industries and borders to help us protect our customers.”

Mr Higgins said: “Our team of cybersecurity and identity management professionals contributes technological strength, professional expertise and leadership to the global cybersecurity effort.And, that effort will be enhanced by adding a leader of Greg’s caliber and experience.”

Mr Gracia said: “Cybersecurity and identity management issues affect all of us, so I’m pleased to join a company that has demonstrated leadership in these important areas.

“The bank has already enjoyed substantial success in its many working partnerships, both public and private, at all levels, and my goal is to make those partnerships stronger and even more effective.”