Bank of Africa (BOA) group has selected Clear2Pay's software-as-a-service (SaaS) e-banking solution B-Web to relaunch its online banking service.

B-Web is expected to enable BOA to enrich its current site with new value added services, support the faster deployment of services as the bank opens new branch offices and provide the flexibility for new functionality and features.

Based on a contract signed at the end of 2009, the project will start in 2010 with the implementation of a pilot. After a testing stage of a few months, the SaaS-based solution will be deployed across all the BOA branches starting by the end of 2010.

The project will be managed by the BOA group team who will coordinate the computing services, consultancy and training. Clear2Pay will be responsible for deploying the solutions, training administrators in each country and the testing of the new B-Web interface.

Paul Derreumeaux, chairman of BOA, said: “As the spearhead of our aggressive e-banking strategy for professionals, our new version of internet banking should allow us to attract new customers who want to manage their bank accounts whenever and wherever they want to.”