In collaboration with MasterCard Worldwide, Bank Niaga has launched Niaga Platinum Card for its distinguished and well-to-do premium customers.

Niaga Platinum Card is the newest in Bank Niaga’s credit card series exclusively issued to and targeted at the group of people known as Platinum people.

Niaga Platinum Card presents facilities to support its holders’ personality and lifestyle: one of them is travel comfort, which provides convenience and comfort for card holders traveling for business and leisure all around the globe.

James Rompas, vice president of Bank Niaga, said: Bank Niaga clearly understands the needs and trends dominating Indonesian customers, particularly in achieving and living an extraordinary quality of life. Its clear understanding is reflected in the product’s characters that are in line with those of the Platinum people who have power, passion and pride.

The Niaga Platinum Card is therefore presented for customers with exclusive tastes, strong character, full spirit and high motivation, maintaining positive image and pride, and living a dynamic and modern life whilst also showing care and warm personality.