Bank Freedom, a wholly owned subsidiary of Prepaid Card Holdings, has entered into an agreement with MoneyGram International to provide its prepaid debit card holders with more options for fast and affordable reloading.

Under the agreement, all cardholders of prepaid debit card programs managed by Bank Freedom, including a 1.6 million member union, will be able to load their prepaid debit cards for $3.95 at any of the over 40,000 MoneyGram agent locations in the US.

The MoneyGram load network enables cardholders to add cash loads to their prepaid cards in real-time for instant availability of funds at MoneyGram agents. Three Bank Freedom prepaid debit card programs are now eligible to load cash through the MoneyGram network. The three eligible prepaid card programs are CardNow prepaid debit cards, AFSCME Advantage, a 1.6 million-member union, and Bank Freedom prepaid debit cards.

Rick Galasieski, senior vice president of Bank Freedom and Prepaid Card Holdings, said: “Our customer demographic is very cost conscious and MoneyGram offers a safe, secure, and reliable cash load network at an affordable price. We are excited to offer all our cardholders this valuable cash loading service. With MoneyGram’s 40,000 plus nationwide agent locations our customers can easily find a location near them.”