Bank Audi, a Lebanon-based bank, in collaboration with Middle East Airlines (MEA) has launched Cedar Miles MasterCard platinum and classic credit cards in Jordan.

The launch comes five years after the introduction of the Cedar Miles MasterCard Gold and Classic cards in Lebanon, which has become the vanguard in the region’s aviation loyalty market.

Fadi Sa’adeh, retail banking director at Bank Audi in Jordan, said: “The Cedar Miles MasterCard card is a perfect combination of banking and aviation service excellence. As a credit card, customers can complete purchasing transactions around the world with flexibility and security. At the same time the card enables customers to take advantage of acquiring miles from Middle East Airlines in order to redeem them for travel benefits.”

Randa Bdeir, head of electronic banking and business development at Bank Audi, said: “The Cedar Miles MasterCard card has been well received in Lebanon and we are sure our customers in Jordan will also enjoy the credit card’s many benefits.”

Ayla Dami, customer services director at Middle East Airlines, said: “The Cedar Miles MasterCard card allows cardholders the ability to earn points through Cedar Miles from making daily purchases, all of which can be redeemed for travel benefits.”

Basel Eltell, vice president and regional manager for Levant at MasterCard, said: “We are delighted to have collaborated with Bank Audi in Jordan and Middle East Airlines to provide their cardholders with a convenient and flexible payment solution and host of benefits to suit the needs of customers in Jordan. MasterCard cardholders benefit from solutions tailored to offer distinct advantages and enjoy acceptance at 29.9 million locations around the world. We are confident that the Cedar Miles MasterCard card will be as well received in Jordan as it has been in Lebanon.”