BancTec, a provider of document and payment processing solutions and services, has released new version of eFIRST Process, the company’s business process and case management suite of tools.

According to BancTec, the new version of eFIRST Process will make it easier and faster for enterprises to develop, deploy, monitor and manage scalable process management solutions.

Particularly suited for document-intensive processes in large, global organizations, eFIRST Process will now offer improved scheduling, reporting, optimization, application integration support and rapid development tools.

Utilized as the core process engine within BancTec’s transactional content management solution, CenterVision, eFIRST Process helps organizations with high-transaction business environments to streamline and optimize business processes.

Specific new features in eFIRST Process include: easy-to-set-up scheduling of users and activities, ensuring that service level agreements are met, customer experience is improved ; support for multiple business calendars to improve the utilization of resources; advanced free text searching; and faster development of distributed and secure solutions through support for the Enterprise Java Beans version 3.0 specification (EJB 3.0).