Banco do Brasil has deployed Fortinet's FortiGate, a multi-threat appliance designed for firewall, intrusion prevention (IPS) and virtual private network (VPN) protection, at its headquarters and 145 locations throughout Brazil.

Banco do Brasil has also deployed Fortinet’s FortiManager, a management and reporting appliance and FortiAnalyzer, an analysis solution to help monitor and analyze network activity and attempted attacks.

Banco do Brasil has selected FortiGate platform for its consolidated approach to network security, ease of administration and performance-accelerated ASIC-based solution which can process large amounts of traffic without degrading network performance.

With integrated security functionalities in each of the FortiGate-3600A, -311B and -110C solutions installed, Banco do Brasil can add or remove features without having to add additional devices and without having to overhaul its network infrastructure. In addition, the FortiGate appliances are being used to help secure self-service applications, both at branch locations and via the internet, such as ATM machines for deposits, withdrawals and payments.

The FortiGate appliances are being used for firewall, IPS and VPN protection. Now, the branches can connect back to the main office in a secure fashion, while protecting critical customer information such as bank account balances and personal information.

Fortinet claimed that its FortiManager appliances enable the application of rules throughout the distributed network without having to do truck rolls to visit each remote location. Bank employees at remote sites do not have to be technically proficient if there are network changes that are needed. Rather, the IT staff at the bank’s Brasilia’s headquarters can make network changes to all locations at a general change or by each individual bank.

Pedro Paixao, vice president of Fortinet in Latin America, said: “Fortinet’s deployment at the Banco do Brasil is evidence of the effectiveness of the FortiGate systems in large, widely distributed enterprises that need broad, world-class network security. Individual point products today are cumbersome, expensive and often ineffective against the current multi-threat environment, which requires a multi-layered security approach in which Fortinet specializes.”

California-based Fortinet, a network security provider, offers protection against dynamic security threats while simplifying the IT security infrastructure to enterprises, service providers and government entities worldwide.