Banco do Brasil has chosen Diebold, a provider of self-service delivery and security systems and services, to provide more than 5,400 automated teller machines and check dispensers in Brazil.

The bank believes that this new transaction would enable it to expand its reach to new and existing customers at its branches in all Brazilian states, as well as through new retail locations.

According to the agreement, Diebold will provide approximately 3,500 model check dispensers (CD) 4500 cash dispenser automated teller machines (ATMs) and 1,900 checkbook printing terminals to Banco do Brasil, assisting the financial institution in achieving its goals to expand its network, reduce transaction costs and offer customers greater convenience and accessibility.

The new ATMs, which are replacing older units, are claimed to include advanced security technology, such as an encrypted PIN pad and advanced skimming device technologies, electronic access control to open the upper cabinet door of the ATMs and safe-locking capabilities, which involve a trigger that freezes the safe’s mechanism when the lock is drilled, punched or torched.

Diebold will also provide the financial institution with a software platform and operating system to drive the new ATMs. In addition, Diebold will install the new ATMs, which are backed by a 12-month warranty and are fully compliant with new Brazilian accessibility standards.

Joao Abud, Jr, president of Diebold for Brazil, said: We’re excited to assist Banco do Brasil in expanding its network, increasing ATM security and promoting its brand at a time when Brazil is experiencing such exceptional growth. This expansion will enable the financial institution to reap significant benefits from its high visibility position, as well as from its top-quality customer service.