Ballista Securities, an operator of the Ballista ATS for block options, has upgraded its v.2.0 trading platform with a new trade initiation screen to provide intuitive trading.

Ballista claimed that, users can now navigate the initiation screen with either a mouse or keyboard tabbing. Further, ‘buy and sell’ are now automatically populated per option leg based on selecting the bid or offer. The GUI intuitively displays the strategy type based on the legs and sides selected.

Daniel Marques, CTO of Ballista, said: “We are very excited to release Ballista v.2.0 as it is derived from thorough and insightful client feedback. We think Ballista v.2.0 will further our growing reputation as the fast, innovative and flexible solution for block options trading.”

Ballista Securities offers equity options traders an anonymous platform Ballista ATS. The automated and rules-based options trading platform, Ballista ATS, offers standardization of order-entry for complex order types, user-defined trading filters to manage workflow, and advanced negotiation capability.