The partnership will integrate Azqore S2i platform with Evooq’s advisory platform to improve the efficiency of wealth managers


Azqore has committed to open its S2i platform to external solutions. (Credit: Pixabay/Adam Radosavljevic.)

Azqore, a subsidiary of Indosuez Wealth Management, has formed a strategic partnership with Swiss financial technology provider Evooq to offer enhance digital solutions for its clients.

The company specialises in technology outsourcing and banking transactions for the wealth management sector.

It’s S2i is an integrated front-to-back platform that supports the onboarding of a new bank in a short span of time.

Azqore has committed to open its S2i platform to external solutions, which is expected to enhance its clients’ operational efficiency while also improving their user experience because of the new, user-friendly solutions.

The partnership between Azqore and Evooq will result in integration of Evooq’s advisory application with Azqore’s S2i solution, improving the efficiency of wealth managers and private banks.

Azqore CEO Pierre Dulon said: “This partnership is aimed at offering our clients modern digital solutions that integrate perfectly with our core platform S2i.

“We are upgrading our value proposition in an increasingly demanding market, combining the performance and user friendliness of the Evooq investment advisory solution with the technical expertise of Edgelab and the functional depth of our S2i platform.”

The integration of Azqore’s and Evooq’s technologies  will help advisors to be more effective

The combined capabilities of the two company are aimed at enabling advisors to more effective through streamlined and automated processes.

Azqore said that the solutions allow advisors to spend more time with their clients and to concentrate on advice and investment opportunities.

Evooq offers an interconnected suite of modular solutions for wealth management companies to meet several of their needs through a single, integrated user experience.

One of the options offered by Evooq solution enables multi-class asset risk analysis, portfolio simulations and automated investment recommendations.

Furthermore, the solution helps in offering personalised advice, enriched with data about client preferences, risk profiles and sustainability to client profile.

Evooq CEO Cédric Ullmo said: “We are happy to partner with Azqore and to complement their solution with ours. Together, we want to help wealth managers stand out with a successful digital transformation.”