Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) has deployed US-based Equinix's new hosting solution within the Equinix Chicago (CH1) International Business Exchange (IBX) data center.

Equinix said that the deployment will allow ASX to provide its US-based clients direct access to the Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE), a wholly-owned ASX subsidiary, and its suite of liquid and transparent products.

The ASX hosting solution will achieve direct access possible to the SFE SYCOM trading engine from the US, via the ASX point of presence and its international network, all architected through Equinix.

David Raper, general manager for trade execution and information services at ASX, said: “The new ASX hosting solution offers a service that better meets our clients’ needs for highly reliable connectivity. It allows a technical connection to the SFE market through a cross connect from the client’s rack in the Equinix facility to the ASX hosting solution. We are pleased to be working with Equinix given their strong reputation in the financial services industry.”

John Knuff, general manager of financial services at Equinix, said: “With Equinix, ASX can create a marketplace of partners and end users that will greatly benefit from the launch of the new ASX hosting solution. Both organizations are complementary in terms of market offering and business requirements. While Equinix offers ASX a solid base of critical vendors and potential end-users, ASX will in turn attract new participants to locate within Equinix IBX data centers, worldwide.”