Angel Acquisitions, a US-based diversified asset management company, has said that after several rounds of discussions, the company is finalizing the details of a joint venture agreement with a major US commercial bank.

The aim of the joint venture is to expand and improve the reach and functionality of The Angels in Action micro-loan operating protocol.

This accomplishment will further enhance Angels in Action’s capability to facilitate and expand its micro-lending projects. The joint venture will also ignite several key marketing and sales components that the company has been nurturing for sometime, according to Angel Acquisition.

Steven Bonenberger, CEO of Angel Acquisitions, said: “This joint venture has been a long process that marks a significant milestone for our company.”

Nicholas Burwell, CEO of Burwell & Bash Consulting Group and executive liaison, said: “We are extremely excited and optimistic about the opportunity to facilitate the collaboration between Angel Acquisition and this banking institution. My team has worked deliberately and comprehensively with this bank to structure a simple yet potent arrangement that I believe will provide immense mutual benefit to all parties involved.”