AltPay provides alternative solutions to classical banking and payment services for SMEs from various industries


Image: AltPay collaborates with ONPEX to extend financial solutions. Photo: Courtesy of StockSnap from Pixabay.

UK-based regulated eMoney institution (EMI) AltPay has partnered with Luxembourg-based modular payment and banking solutions provider ONPEX to extend its financial solutions.

The partnership is aimed at enabling AltPay to offer an improved selection of financial services for its customers through ONPEX.

ONPEX CEO Christoph Tutsch said: “The partnership has been mutually beneficial. We are confident we can help the company reach its growth plans. So far, the integration phase is going smoothly. We aim to generate a higher customer flow for AltPay when ONPEX’ solutions are available to its customer base.”

Under the collaboration, AltPay’s customers will be facilitated to trade across borders, transact and receive funds in up to 25 currencies, leveraging ONPEX’s cross-border SWIFT and European SEPA payments, along with access to multi-currency IBAN account offerings.

AltPay will use API-connectivity to integrate the selected ONPEX features

ONPEX said that it offers all services through API and web UI with optional white-label capability to enable digital businesses to offer their own financial services.

Its new solution is an in-house developed platform that serves the needs of digital businesses offering maximum flexibility while ensuring PSD2 compliance.

AltPay intends to make use of ONPEX’s API-driven modular platform to integrate the new solutions into its current product offering.

In addition, the new solutions from ONPEX are expected to enable the company to easily create its own financial services by choosing the required financial features.

AltPay claims that it provides alternative solutions to classical banking and payment services for SMEs from various industries.

AltPay founder and CEO Artjoms Dozorcevs said: “ONPEX was recommended to us by several trusted sources. With its efficient and easy-to-use universal solution, it will be helping us achieve a sustainable organic growth rate, while increasing the quality of the services we provide to our customers. Its solutions are cost-efficient and convenient, enabling our customers to trade across the globe, whether it’s within the EEA, Asia, or the USA.”