, a Canada-based digital media and marketing company, is set to develop a new trading platform that will allow clients of any brokerage firm to execute trades on-line securely and immediately.

According to the AlphaTrade, the new trading platform will have features such as the ability to change languages instantly in real-time. In addition, market data applications will be available on different operating system or computer, including handheld devices such as Blackberry, Droid and iPhone.

AlphaTrade said that the new platform will offer clients access to its E-Gate service at no additional cost. Created in 1999, E-Gate is a multilingual real time trading tool used globally offering Level II quotes, charting and portfolio management systems.

According to preliminary research, analysts for AlphaTrade expect that a nominal penetration of 1% of the total market share could result in revenues in excess of 100 million annually.

Gordon Muir, CEO, said: “Our trading platform will allow any firm to compete directly with larger firms. In fact, the smaller firms will be able to charge less than the larger firms for online trading privileges.”