AllRegs has released Market Clarity, a business intelligence and dashboard tool for the mortgage banking industry.

The company claims that its new loan product analytical tool can compares 44 key loan product attributes of over 2,100 products for 60 different investors. It will help users to manage risk and identify market opportunity while providing them with the tools to establish and maintain a competitive edge, all on one interactive website.

Market Clarity employs advanced user interface consisting of dashboards, graphs, charts, product templates and actual narrative guidelines.

AllRegs Market Clarity is designed for the entire spectrum of mortgage professionals, from origination through post closing audits. Market Clarity subscribers can track the changes their competitors make, or identify what overlays investors are placing on their products, claims the company.

Dan Thoms, executive vice president for AllRegs, said: “Comparing market data is vital to developing business strategies and product offerings. Market Clarity will change the way upstream investors and correspondent lenders do business. Imagine the power of having the loan product landscape at your fingertips. The analysis that today takes days can literally be done in minutes.”