Allied First Bank, an Illinois-based bank, has selected ImagePoint Remote, a consumer deposit home capture platform, from Bluepoint Solutions.

The consumer capture solution will be integrated with the bank’s existing internet banking provider, enabling customers to upload check images with the click of a button within the existing online banking portal. This enables the customers to make deposits from home or office with the use of a computer, a secure internet connection and a scanner.

Once captured, the images will be hosted in Bluepoint’s data processing center, where item perfection and correction will be performed. Using the SaaS model(Software as a Service), the bank gains access to a central repository of the captured images, reducing and simplifying the research process. An aggregate X9.37 file will then be submitted to Allied First Bank according to the bank’s preferred delivery schedule.

Andy Hardin, vice president of operations and marketing at Allied First, said: “ImagePoint Remote is the next step in our strategy to leverage innovation and technology to offer the highest levels of security, access and control to our customers and the growing numbers of consumers who are reevaluating their primary banking relationships.”

Hal Tilbury, president and CEO for Bluepoint Solutions, said: “Our consumer capture solution is designed to help banks like Allied provide better service, but more importantly, grow deposit accounts. By taking advantage of Bluepoint’s pay-as-you-go model, as well as the greater processing power found in an off-site, Bluepoint-managed application, Allied is poised for success with a very nominal investment.”

Bluepoint Solutions is a provider of remote deposit capture (RDC), image-based item processing and enterprise content management software technology for financial institutions.