Al Ansari Exchange, a provider of global remittance and foreign exchange services, is planning to launch Al Ansari Exchange Mobile Branch to offer 'Wage Protection Scheme' (WPS) to laborers in the UAE.

The mobile branch is designed to address the needs of clients, especially those residing in labor accommodations in the UAE.

The branch will allow to receive salaries, and to serve customers in remote locations where there are no Al Ansari branches nearby.

Al Ansari Exchange said that the mobile branch is likely to offer a host of salary disbursals to a large number of laborers with security standards.

Through the mobile branch, customers can directly take their salaries as will be networked with the central bank.

Compliant with ‘Wages Protection Scheme’ mandated by the Ministry of Labour, the mobile branch will be equipped with wireless technology to facilitate real time, 24/7 connection with the head office.