AIB has announced a range of products and services aimed at its customers aged above 50 years.

The AIB’s will offer financial advice on investments, inheritance and retirement planning from AIB’s nationwide team of financial advisers. AIB has launched a ‘3 Year Special Term Account’ for customers aged above 50 years, which will allow customers to invest money on deposit for a fixed term of three years. Interest earned on this account in each tax year is DIRT free up to E480 after which interest is subject to DIRT, currently at 20%.

AIB is also offering ‘Regular Saver Account’, with an interest rate of 7.10% AER. This is ideal for giving grandchildren a head-start with their savings and their future. Customers can choose to save any amount from E10 to E300 monthly. AIB is also offering 10% discount on AIB Home Insurance. Customers can avail of more financial benefits when they reach the age of 60 including maintenance and transaction free banking, and a 20% discount on share dealing.

Niamh Murphy, AIB’s customer segment manager, said: This offering is aimed at giving our ’50 Plus’ customers what they have told us they need – access to financial planning advice and the best products. With experienced financial advisers in every branch nationwide we can offer the best advice and assistance to allow our customers make the most of their money as they plan for their future and look at their opportunities.