Associated Foreign Exchange (AFEX) has opened a new office in Chicago, Illinois, as part of its continued expansion within the North America market.

The Chicago office joins AFEX’s 11 existing corporate offices worldwide, and is the sixth office in the US. AFEX also offers three retail locations in the US.

Jan Vlietstra, CEO of AFEX, said: “The opening of the Chicago office is part of a worldwide growth trend for AFEX, a trend we’ve been seeing over the past five years. We are committed to strengthening our organization and ensuring our services are readily available everywhere in the US.”

Guido Schulz, senior vice president of sales fro North America at AFEX, said: “Having an office in such an important financial hub as Chicago is a positive step and great achievement for AFEX. One of AFEX’s core values is a strong commitment to exceptional personal service. By having an office in the Midwest, we can more easily connect and better serve our clients anywhere in the country.”

AFEX is a global foreign exchange provider that specializes in providing international payment services.