Advent Software, a provider of software and services for the investment management industry, has said that Capital IQ and Tamale RMS data will now be available via a single dashboard view.

The new dashboard combines fundamental and quantitative company data, offered by Standard & Poor’s Capital IQ, with the investment firm’s own proprietary research data, made available through Tamale RMS.

According to Advent, by offering direct integration of Capital IQ data within Tamale RMS, its research management solution, investment professionals can now more effectively analyze companies across sectors, industries, portfolios and watch lists to quickly focus on investment opportunities with better potential return.

The Capital IQ platform is a web and Excel-based research product that combines information on companies, markets, and people worldwide. The platform offers a range of information on the public and private markets, to equity and credit analysts, consultants and advisers, corporations, investment bankers, private capital firms and research analysts worldwide.

Tamale RMS is a research management solution that helps portfolio managers and analysts organize and share their research in order to manage more investment ideas, more effectively.

Alan Katz, managing director of investment management at Capital IQ, said: “Enabling our users to view Capital IQ’s data alongside their internal research in Tamale significantly enhances the investment process. We are pleased to feed our data into the leading RMS product in the market to deliver even more value to investment professionals worldwide.”

Mark Rice, senior vice president and general manager of Tamale at Advent, said: “We are excited to be working closely with Capital IQ to give our mutual clients an integrated view of their proprietary data in Tamale, combined with Capital IQ’s world-class financial data. The combination brings critical pieces of quantitative and qualitative information together to allow clients to quickly drill down to what data is important and make fast, informed decisions.”