Actinver, a Mexico-based group of financial companies, has chosen Misys BankFusion Universal Banking to underpin its expanding banking operations.

Actinver provides a wide range of services to corporate and institutional clients as well as retail customers. To help it to realise its strategic goals, the business was looking for a universal banking solution and a platform upon which to base all future growth.

Misys was chosen for its process-oriented approach to building banking applications. This approach will provide Actinver with the power to model business processes within the solution, ensuring flexibility and speed to market for new products and services.

Alvaro Madero Rivero, CEO of Actinver, said: The agility that BankFusion Universal Banking brings to Actinver means we can focus on providing our customers with a unique service. We saw a brand new approach in the offering from Misys that we could not find anywhere else. This innovative solution will enable us to maximise the value we give our customers as our business grows over the coming years.

In the current economic climate, the pressures on financial institutions from a number of different angles are unrelenting. With increasing regulation, more competition and an escalating pace of change in the industry, we are confident that Misys BankFusion Universal Banking will fulfill our business needs now and in the future.

Guy Warren, EVP and GM of Actinver, said: Actinver has built a great reputation for providing its customers with innovative products and a rapid response to their needs. We believe that BankFusion Universal Banking stands out in the market as the only solution that can give it the control it needs to define and manage how the business operates without being constrained by the underlying technology.

Misys provides integrated solutions to organisations in the financial services and healthcare industries.