ACI Worldwide, a provider of electronic payments software and solutions, has entered into strategic alliance with Opera Solutions, a developer of predictive analytics, to allow its customers to access additional fraud models and professional services from Opera Solutions.

The alliance is part of ACI Analytics initiative which is designed to provide a portfolio of strategic fraud services and capabilities for ACI’s customers, and provide access to array of analytics expertise. The partnership also expands the risk management analytics offerings available to ACI’s global customers.

ACI said that the solutions will work across the enterprise independent of channel and geography. The solutions can be used by financial institutions to manage transaction channels like card transactions at an ATM or point of sale device, phone, branch, internet banking or wire transactions, and enable users to immediately recognize and stop fraudulent behavior.

Enrique Carrillo, vice president of strategic alliances for Opera Solutions, said: “This strategic alliance will complement ACI’s extensive experience creating fraud prevention analytics by providing specialized support and industry expertise around areas such as credit risk and bust-out fraud that haven’t formed part of ACI’s core offering in the past.”

Louis Blatt, chief product officer at ACI Worldwide, said: “The increasing frequency and diversity of financial crime places new demands on organizations as they combat fraud, so the fraud prevention tools they use have to be as responsive and as accurate as possible. ACI’s analytics gives our customers that edge, because it can produce more accurate predictions by more fully extracting signals and patterns from the detailed data about transactions, payments and other activities that are captured by ACI products.”