Accuity, a provider of payment routing data, anti-money laundering screening software and services, has unveiled Version 1.3 of Compliance Link, its modular, enterprise-wide interdiction screening solution.

According to the company, the new version of the hosted solution will be available to customers later this month and will feature several enhancements that will help to streamline users’ screening processes.

Accuity’s Compliance Link allows organizations to consolidate their screening and match review processes by providing a single, scalable, multi-functional solution, combining the benefits of the screening filters.

Version 1.3 of Compliance Link will feature several enhancements including: customizable intermediary match statuses to align with customer business processes and vernacular; formatting of information as well as printing directly from the review screen, removing steps from the match review process; a new view, specifically designed for transactions, to enable users to review all matches within a single input record simultaneously reducing the time required to clear matches.

The new version also features a new match type indicator (i.e. PEP vs. sanctions list match) allowing users to define separate workflows depending on the type of list the match is against.

Brent Newman, managing director of product and data at Accuity, said: “Accuity has a well-established history of supplying the market with innovative solutions that facilitate AML and KYC compliance. We are committed to enhancing Compliance Link with new features and functionality that will help our users streamline their processes and realize savings in both effort and money spent on compliance activities.”